NOTE from the Web-builder

As the web-builder, I would like to impress on you the integrity of Ron Pelegrini. I have known Ron for 40+ years. Ron’s knowledge of supplements is truly astounding, having been immersed in supplements, supplementation, and the combinations thereof.

Personally, though my health is showing its years, I truly believe that I wouldn’t be in as good a shape as I am presently. My experience is that I can feel the beneficial effect of the guided acquisition of vitamins and minerals that are missing in our diets.

On another note, Ron is truly one of the last ‘Mom & Pop’ places left to get vitamins. Sure, you can get these supplements a little bit cheaper from the mega-sites, but you will NEVER get the personal, caring INFORMATION that you will get from Ron at Vital Nutrients.

Ron may guide you to things you may be lacking, or point out things that are a waste of your hard earned money.

On another personal note, Ron is now retired on a small Social Security income… barely enough to pay rent. He is truly a ‘non-tech’ person, so he doesn’t even know that I’m posting this heartfelt message to you, his potential customers. This is evidenced by his reluctance to even take online orders. So a call to him, even just for information, is what he loves best in life…24/7. Where else would you get that concern?

So if you feel compassionate enough to forego ‘two-day free shipping’ to truly help a vanishing breed of retailers and caring people, please give Ron a call. He’d NEVER accept a Go-Fund-Me charity, so I’m trying this appeal to you, who are interested in real health.

*None of these statements here, or anywhere on the Vital Nutrients website, are claiming to heal, prevent, or cure any disease or medical condition. And Ron is certainly more honest than to do so. Please read his homepage to get a good idea of what this small retailer believes, shares, and cares about.

Thank you for your time,
Dan - Web Builder (never a master)